About Apps from Outer Space, LLC

Apps from Outer Space, LLC

Apps from Outer Space, LLC makes great apps for iOS, Mac OS X, and Android devices. We are committed to making fun and useful apps.

Our Commitment to you:

  • Quality apps with responsive support. Contact Us if you ever need help.
  • Apps intended for kids will NOT have Advertising or In-App Purchase

John Haney, CEO and Chief App Developer

John Haney has been making his own apps since 1987. At 8 years old, he wrote his first original program and continued programming as a hobby and career ever since. John has been using Objective-C since the first Public Beta of Mac OS X in 2000.

John's career evolved from multi-threaded network programming to video game programming to mobile app development. Granted early access to the developer program, John Haney Software released the Flashlight. app, which now has over 26 million downloads. In late 2010, John quit his day job to write apps exclusively.


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